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Day 2 - Vermont Trip (Hazleton, PA to Montpelier, VT)

Another day after entry, but at least I'm writing...

Friday's ride consisted of leaving Hazleton just before 7AM and jumping back on I-81 heading north. In the Scranton area, we grabbed I-84 heading east and slabbed it to Newburgh, NY where we gladly exchanged the interstate for Hwy. 9 heading north along the western shore of the Hudson River.

We then crossed over the Hudson to Poughkeepsie, NY and continued north through the land of the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts. Charming small towns, one after another was nice - as long as the traffic kept moving. ;-)

At Rhinebeck, we made a short detour out into the country to find the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Too bad it was only Friday morning and we didn't have any extra time. This place is famous for its airshows featuring an amazing collection of early 1900 aircraft - some you wouldn't imagine could even fly. It was all quiet around the hangers, so we headed back to Hwy. 9 and continued our journey north.

A little while later, we hopped on I-90 to Albany, NY where I-787 north took us back to the much smaller and busier US Hwy. 4 running along the Hudson River again. We found a great lunch stop at Fort Edward. The Anvil Inn used to be an old blacksmith shop on the outer boundary of the fort.

Lunch stop: The Anvil Inn at Fort Edward, NY

Hwy. 4 took us over the border into Vermont where we picked up Hwy. 7 for a while, which moved at "reasonable" speeds. I got a friendly flash of the lights and a point of the finger from the local LEO once inside Vermont, so it must have been my lucky day. Slowing down a bit, we hopped on Hwy. 100 which when clear of BIG TRUCKS is a wonderful twisty highway. Winter takes its toll on the road surface, making a GS the perfect ride.

We arrived in Montpelier around 1600 and checked in once again at the Inn at Montpelier.

Our home away from home in Montpelier, VT

Dinner was at the New England Culinary Institute's restaurant a few blocks down from the inn. We enjoyed a selection of Tapas before relaxing a while on the front porch back at the inn before bedtime.

On Saturday, we're heading to north to Canada for "lunch" and then looping back to Burlington for a couple nights.

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