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Day 1 - Vermont Trip (Raleigh to Hazleton, PA) - 7/7/11

Good morning! Yes, I'm writing this the day after when I'm supposed to be getting ready for Day 2.

Thursday was a pretty good day of riding. It wasn't too hot, but I'm glad we hit the road at 0605 (earlier than we thought we would roll out of the driveway). We made our way up through Virginia in the morning stopping for lunch at Fredericksburg, MD. Soon after, we were in Pennsylvania and watching the rain clouds build.

Thinking, we should make a stop to put our liners in our jacket, I took an exit to find a gas station, only to learn that the overpass bridge leading to that gas station was under construction. Oh well. Back onto the freeway and into the rain - just for about 5 minutes. We motored on, drying out while certain Harley riders were stopped under bridges wondering how long the rain would last. Wear some helmets and real gear, folks!

We arrived at Hazleton, PA around 1600 - our stop for the night and checked into a familiar Hampton Inn. We had 482 miles on the clock, so we were ready for a break, nice dinner and some sleep. This place has an awesome view towards the west. It was quite cloudy with an approaching storm, but I could imagine some great sunset pictures here from time to time. Recommended, but make sure you get a room on the valley side of the building.

On Friday, we're off to Montpelier, VT and we're expecting to have to dodge (or not) some rain in Pennsylvania and New York.

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