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Day 7 - Vermont Trip (Rehoboth, DE to Raleigh, NC - Home!) - 7/13/11

Ok, so we took that cab down to Dogfish Head's brew pub last night. What a great place! The eats were good, the beer was excellent and I managed to shake Sam Calagione's hand before he left with his family. Cool!

We don't usually partake in dessert, but boy did we last night! The picture below is of their Chicory Stout Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake. Yes, I said bacon and it was full of it. Wow, what a combo. This dessert is as unique as their beers and was well worth the $8 to try it.

Chicory Stout Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake

We didn't have time to get over to the actual brewery at Milton, DE. Maybe next time. If you're a fan of craft beer, then this is THE place to check out when in Rehoboth Beach. It was a great way to spend our last evening out on the road.


Now for today's trip... We tried to beat the heat by hitting the road around 6:40 this morning. The ride was pleasant until we hit the Virginia Beach area just across the Chesapeake Bay bridge. Then things started heating up and didn't quit. Road construction had traffic at a standstill in the Norfolk area, but we managed to improvise a new route and get around things without too much pain.

Grandpa's Kitchen in Littleton, NC was to be our lunch stop, but alas, grandpa wasn't there and the place was closed. No NC BBQ for us today.

So, we took a quick break to drink some water and stretch and hit the road again. We arrive in Raleigh just before 2PM with the temperature already near 103 degrees. It's good to be home.

We rode 364 miles just today, but in total we covered 2117 miles. Both of us feel like it, too. :-)

Watch for for me to post more pictures and possibly a video or two later. 

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