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Day 4 - Vermont Trip (Hanging out in Burlington)

As promised, we took a day off from riding on Sunday and enjoyed downtown Burlington. Yup, we could get used to it, but would probably not enjoy the winters as much as the ones in Raleigh.

 The Lake Champlain waterfront was right across the street from our hotel.We enjoyed the early morning sun at the pier watching some sweet boats come and go. The one above turned out to be from Oriental, NC. We didn't realize until it departed.

Someone was too relaxed, but she deserved it.

We had a great lunch at American Flatbread. This place has some awesome wood-fired pizzas and brews their own on site. We tried the Gruit Ale which replaces traditional hops with herbs. Very interesting - and recommended.

Lunch at American Flatbread - The weather was PERFECT!Yes, that's goat cheese!!

The afternoon sun was a bit warmer than the morning's. I managed to get a little sunburned - as usual. What I can't figure out is that my white legs never burn like my face. What's up with that?

After a bit of afternoon rest, we headed out again for dinner. We ate outdoors again, this time at Three Tomatoes Trattoria on Church St. Church street is closed to vehicular traffic and is several blocks long, featuring many street musicians, shops and of course restaurants. The night wasn't finished until we had some ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. No trip to Vermont is complete without that.

We're sorry to be leaving, but we start our trip back on Monday. We'll ride through the Adirondacks of New York before returning back into Pennsylvania for another night's stay in Hazleton. 


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