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Day 3 - Vermont Trip (Montpelier, VT to Burlington, VT via Quebec)

No, we didn't get lost and end up in Canada, and yes, I know Burlington's only like 40 miles from Montpelier. We just decided to take the scenic route and go for lunch across the boarder in Quebec first.

The rain overnight (Friday) cleared up the sky in the Montpelier area, but left thick clouds in the Stowe area to the north. Regardless, we rode Hwy. 108 through Smuggler's Notch. We stopped briefly at the entrance to the old toll road, thinking it would be a fun ride up over the mountain. But, NO motorcycles are allowed as the pavement ends 1/4 mile up the hill. What? I have a GS! I can make it! Oh well.

Our border crossing at Richford, VT was uneventful. The Canadian border guard seemed to take great interest in the fact that we had ridden all the way from North Carolina in two days and that we were JUST going for lunch in Cowansville. It must have been Elizabeth that made him suspicious.

Once across the border, we immediately jumped on scenic Vallee Missisquoi riding east. It was on this road that we found the St. Agnes winery and stopped briefly for pictures. It turned out to be a nice celebration place for the GS rolling over 87K miles. Sweet. As you can see in the pictures here the winery also has a small wedding chapel on the grounds.

The wedding chapel at St. Agnes winery near Sutton, QB

The actual winery building on the property

Nice winery, NICE house!

The roads I chose in Quebec for our little loop ride didn't disappoint. Our lunch at Opapios (the Patio Restaurant) in Cowansville was also very pleasant, but Burlington was calling us. Soon we were back at the US border (RTE 237) answering why we just wanted to ride for lunch in Canada. What?

Soon after, we were buzzing our way through Vermont farmland again. A parade of motorcycles out for a Saturday afternoon ride delayed us a bit on Hwy. 235 though. Wow, this is why other motorists don't respect motorcyclists. Either we're all riding too fast or we're riding too slow! These guys had me slowed down to a steady 43 mph. Just kill me. Yes, the bike cam captured the fun as I made my way around them in two double-yellow, but very safe passes.

Our route took us along the northern part of Lake Champlain. What a beautiful lake!

The view of Lake Champlain from Hwy. 2 looking eastWe checked into the Hilton around 1530, got cleaned up and headed out for some food and live music. Elizabeth's research showed that two horn bands were playing at Nectar's, so it was settled. We were staying out late to hear them! I'm writing this early Sunday morning, so the night wasn't TOO late. :-)

Sunday's a day of rest. The bike will likely remain parked today as we do some walking, shopping, eating and people-watching in downtown Burlington. The sun's out, so it promises to be a great day!

Tomorrow, we're headed back to Hazleton, PA.

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