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Good ending to the Texas trip

I left Tyler, TX around 0610 on Saturday, 5/28, headed for home. I was going to miss the big convergence of all my family members that evening, but I needed to get home before Elizabeth's departure on Monday. With good weather and low holiday weekend traffic, I made pretty good time, arriving in Commerce, GA (north of Atlanta a bit) around 1730. Of course, I had to set my watch an hour ahead at that point, but all in all a great day, with over 800 miles in the saddle.

After a great steak and a cold one (or two), I got a decent night's sleep. I arose early Sunday morning and hit the road around 0645. That allowed me to reach Raleigh right on schedule just before noon. It was good to visit my family and great to be home. Elizabeth was happy to see me too!

Mileage on this trip totaled over 2700 miles. I need to do a little research about the miles on my old R1100RT (the GS replaced it in 2002). With the 14K+ miles I had on that bike plus the nearly 86K miles on the GS now, I should be ready to turn in paperwork for my 100K award with the BMW MOA. Now, where to go next to start working on that 2nd 100K miles. :-)

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