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The Surprises Continue

I rode over to the Irving, TX area on Thursday morning intent on surprising sister Rita for a lunch visit. Of course, her employer's website had the wrong address listed, so I spent a bit of time roaming around where they used to be, only to find a bunch of new condos. A quick call was made to secure the correct address, which of course tipped her off that I was there. Oh well she was still quite surprised and we had a nice visit over lunch at the nearby Taco Cafe. Over lunch, she was getting texts from sister Rhonda who had just landed at DFW and was getting her rental car in order to drive over to Tyler for her visit with our parents. Rhonda had no idea that I was sitting there having lunch with Rita and we kept it that way.

Rita and I at lunch on Thursday

The riding weather was perfect, so after lunch I headed east again towards Texas. After a couple stops, I finally found a place that had some beer. Tyler (Smith County) is still somewhat dry (you can buy a drink in a restaurant or bar, but you can't buy any in stores). Keeping beer cold on a motorcycle is usually problematic, but not on the GS with the big metal Jesse panniers. I placed the beer in the right one and then covered it with two bags of ice. Although the ice had melted by the time I got to Tyler (about 30 more miles), the beer was still chilled. Sweet!

Jesse's make great beer coolers!

Rhonda just arrived at Mom and Dad's about 5 minutes before I got there. Yes, she too was surprised. What a perfect set of surprises this week!

Dinner on Thursday evening was at Wasabi in Tyler. Rhonda and I feasted on Sushi and Sashimi, while Mom and Dad stuck to food that was... cooked. Rita was missed, as she likes Sushi, too.

The feast!

Rhonda and DadMom and IA dare gone wrong. Yes, that's Wasabi!

I'm relaxing today (Friday) with Rhonda, Mom and Dad. I'm certainly glad for my time with Rita on Thursday, as she's not driving over until Saturday and I will be well on my way towards home before she arrives.

My plan is to hit the road no later than 0630 Saturday morning, burning ~700 miles before calling it a day. That should put me north of Atlanta if all goes well, making Sunday's ride a mere 400 miles or so. It's been a good visit. I'm certainly glad I got to see everyone. It will also be good to get home and see Elizabeth before she heads off on her visit to Wisconsin.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Be safe and watch for motorcycles out there. One of them will be me!

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