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KLX250S - Simple LED Tail Light Assembly Swap

Quick and easy! That's the way I like things sometimes. For better visibility, I decided to replace the existing tail light bulb on the KLX250S with an LED-based option. Already being a customer of Happy-Trails, I noticed they offered the LED Tail Light WOW Kit (P/N AER70-001-2) for all years of the KLR650. Buried away in the fine print was a reference to this same assembly reportedly working on the KLX250S. Their pictures made it look like a reasonable gamble, since the mounting "tabs" looked like they would fit with the two screw mounting of the existing red plastic tail light cover on the KLX. I ordered one up and it arrived along with the "puck" kit I was going to need for mounting the Pelican cases to the side racks.

Here's what it looks like...

According to the documentation on the Happy Trails website, the stock incandescent bulb draws 5 Watts of power as a tail light and 21 Watts when the brakes are applied. This 6 LED assembly reportedly draws only 1 Watt as a tail light and just 10 Watts when the brakes are applied. Oooh, that leaves some Watts for additional farkle!

This also being the second generation of this assembly, it was supposed to also be brighter than the original, boasting the same 10 Candela when on as a tail light and 100 Candela (up from 80 Candela) as the brake light.

On to assembly... I quickly removed the two screws that secured the red plastic tail light cover from the KLX and extracted the existing bulb. The new assembly uses a bulb base with wires attached as shown above to make the electrical contact necessary to operate. I inserted the bulb base into the bayonet-style socket and gave it a bit of a twist to lock it into place.

I then gave it a quick electrical test to make sure it worked. Key on: Check. Tail light "lights": Check. Brake light "lights" when brakes applied: Check. Excellent.

I noticed that the smarts of this unit also flash the brake light several times upon initial application of the brakes - cool! No, I didn't count the flashes, but you get a few seconds of flashing before the brake light stays on steady.

I placed the screws back in their proper spots on the red plastic cover, aligned them through the mounting tabs in the circuit board and within seconds had everything back in place on the bike. VERY simple.

Here's a picture of the tail light function in action.

And here's one showing the brake light on steady.

I've not heard any reports of failures of this assembly, so I'm hoping I too have good luck with it. Please note that I can only confirm it mechanically fits on the '06 and '07 KLX250S since they have identical tail lights. The '08+ models have a different tail light in terms of shape and location. If you know that this product works there too or want to compare measurements, please contact me.

I've already let Bob at Happy Trails know of the confirmed compatibility with my bike. It would be nice if something could be stated specifically for the newer years.