My BMW R1150 GSAA at Deals' Gap

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Hyper-Lite Flashing LED Motorcycle Brake Lights - Great Customer Service!

I've had Hyper-Lite flashing LED brake lights on my R1150GS Adventure for several years now. The pair (16 bright red LEDs each) are attached to a bracket behind my license plate that positions them to the left and to the right of the plate. I have them set to flash for the first five seconds of braking and then they remain on continuously until I release the brake.

The problem:  About a year ago, I started to lose LEDs on the bottom half of the left assembly. First a couple LEDs failed to illuminate and then finally the lower half (8) all went out. These assemblies are potted and can't be opened up or repaired. I figured that someday I would just purchase a replacement for them.

During the 2009 BMW MOA Rally in Gray, TN, I wandered past the Hiper-Lite booth and decided to at least mention the problem. I did not expect to be handed a replacement assembly! Wow, mine were well out of warranty. These folks stand behind their products. Highly recommended for enhanced visibility and the quality of the product.

The replacement Hyper-Lite LED assembly

I removed the failed unit this morning and within a few minutes had the new once installed and tested. All is well and I no longer have to endure hearing "Did you know some of your lights are out?"