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V.I.O POV.1 Camera - Change in "Mounting" Plans

If you've read my older postings on the V.I.O. POV.1 Camera, you'll see where I purchased their specialty Mount Kit and used what I called their universal mounting bracket to bolt the camera to a RAM adapter. I've shot a bit of video with this and don't really have anything to complain about - at higher engine speeds. At low RPM, the engine vibration causes to plastic of the mount to oscillate and the camera wobbles from side to side until the engine's rev'd up to over 3K.

While It the MOA Rally in Gray, TN last month, I spent some time at the booth belonging to the the guys at Adventure Designs. I happened to notice their demo bike had the POV.1 camera mounted on it using the original mount plate and hard(er) plastic camera holder. I mentioned the problem I was having and they suggested I give the original a try.

Today was a good garage day since rain was heading in, so I bolted up the original mounting plate to a RAM adapter and clipped the camera in place. The first thing I noticed is that the camera barrel wasn't held tight enough in the holder to avoid rotation. This became a head scratcher until I noticed that the plastic was molded in such a way that it looked like the camera could be secured using a pair of zip ties. Besides making sure the camera wouldn't work its way out of the mount while going down the road, it looked like the "pressure" of the tightened zip tie would also compress the plastic mounting clip just enough to keep the camera from rotating in the mount. I was right!

Here's the new mount assembled on the bike. Note the two black zip ties keeping the camera in place! Since I used a RAM adapter with the camera mounting stud, all I had to do was spin the camera mounting plate onto the threaded stud and then use a single not and bolt to eliminate the mount from loosening on the RAM adapter.

The retired mount from the "Mounting Kit" might need a new home.

When the sun comes back out, I'll have to get out and shoot some video to see how the stability of this mount has (hopefully) improved.


Ending the Jesse Sag

As you know, my R1150GS Adventure has Jesse Odyssey bags. I also have a Remus replacement muffler that was installed during the BMW MOA Rally in Wisconsin in 2007. One of the problems that's haunted my bike is Jesse "sag" and shifting muffler alignment that's occasionally caused enough movement that the stainless edge of the Remus contacts the powder coated surface of the left Jesse bag.

You can see the paint damage next to the Remus muffler

Earlier this summer, I removed the muffler, aligned it better on both ends and took care to tighten the bottom clamp enough that I believe it no longer shifts. However, on extended trips, I usually have both Jesse bags quite loaded and the design of the left side bag and mounting hardware does allow some sagging which brings the edge of the Remus closer to the aluminum of the bag.

While hanging out in the hotel parking lot during the 2009 BMW MOA Rally in Gray, TN, I spotted another R1150GS Adventure that had a piece of unique, non-electronic farkle added. It was an extra bag support that mounts to the existing Jesse hardware and pushes outward on the the bag - preventing the sag and strengthening the "system" if the bike should fall over on its left side.

I needed to depart the rally early the following day for Wisconsin, so Ed Gray spent some time at the rally looking for the vendor that made the piece. He found them!

They are Excel Cycle and Machine Werkes of Delevan, IL. Tom Dowell (owner) makes some NICE stuff for the BMW riders! Ed was kind enough to pick up one of their R1150GS Jesse Bag Supports for me. They also have them for the R1200GS!

I installed it easily this morning, removing the adjusting nut and two of the three washers for proper alignment with my left-side bag.

Finished! No more sag!


Hyper-Lite Flashing LED Motorcycle Brake Lights - Great Customer Service!

I've had Hyper-Lite flashing LED brake lights on my R1150GS Adventure for several years now. The pair (16 bright red LEDs each) are attached to a bracket behind my license plate that positions them to the left and to the right of the plate. I have them set to flash for the first five seconds of braking and then they remain on continuously until I release the brake.

The problem:  About a year ago, I started to lose LEDs on the bottom half of the left assembly. First a couple LEDs failed to illuminate and then finally the lower half (8) all went out. These assemblies are potted and can't be opened up or repaired. I figured that someday I would just purchase a replacement for them.

During the 2009 BMW MOA Rally in Gray, TN, I wandered past the Hiper-Lite booth and decided to at least mention the problem. I did not expect to be handed a replacement assembly! Wow, mine were well out of warranty. These folks stand behind their products. Highly recommended for enhanced visibility and the quality of the product.

The replacement Hyper-Lite LED assembly

I removed the failed unit this morning and within a few minutes had the new once installed and tested. All is well and I no longer have to endure hearing "Did you know some of your lights are out?"