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Monitoring Battery Health

Before I decided to actually go ahead and replace the aging battery on the BMW, I found an interesting gadget made by Argus that's suppose to keep track of the health of your battery. While shopping for some Anderson Powerpole accessories from Power Werx, I spotted the Battery Bug and decided to give it a try.

The Argus Battery BugFor $50, the Battery Bug provides you with the current battery voltage and an indication of battery health (0 to 100%). Each engine start is reflected in an analog fashion on the LCD display, showing how well that start was versus the worst "health" level experienced with the battery. The bug even beeps at you to let you know the battery is in poor health.

Installing the Battery Bug is quite easy, requiring nothing more than attaching the positive and negative leads directly to your battery - plus finding a nice spot to attach the weather-resistant display to your bike.

I found a location for the display just to the left of the instrument cluster. A piece of hook and loop tape is provided and so far, the display has stayed in place.

I waited to install the Battery Bug until I installed the new Odyssey Battery as described in my last posting. The Battery Bug helped me find that the "new" health of the Odyssey wasn't so hot and that I needed to charge the battery first in order to reflect something near 100%. I charged the battery overnight, but the Battery Bug didn't figure out that I did something to make things better. It only remembered that things didn't seem so hot the last time I started the engine. To solve the problem, I lifted the fuel tank and removed one of the leads to clear the Battery Bug's memory. It then agreed that the battery was indeed fresh and quit beeping at me.

Argus might want to consider the addition of some sort of reset button on the bug. That would be swell.

I have a big trip coming up where I'll be running the PIAA lights most of the time. That should provide a better test for how well my bike is charging the Odyssey battery and the accuracy of the Battery Bug.