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ICOM's F21GM GMRS radio almost gone, but not forgotten

ICOM has discontinued the F21GM radio. It's no longer mentioned in literature at the Icom America website and supplies have just about dried up at dealers. Because I managed to damage mine in the polarity reversal fiasco, I started a dialog with ICOM's parts department about fixing it or getting replacement parts. I heard back from "Brian" who indicated they have just a small handful of radios available as parts. He did qualify the statement by saying that when they're gone, they're gone.

ICOM's Parts Department can be reached at 800-346-0495.

While researching what I would do if I couldn't find a F21GM, I checked out the F21 DTC. The DTC is a 16 channel "programmable" UHF radio that looks pretty much like the GM. It uses all of the same accessories and other than having to pay someone to program the appropriate GMRS frequencies into it, it's a good replacement option.

While talking to an the fine folks at Action Communications in Tuscon, AZ (authorized ICOM dealer) about purchasing a DTC, I found that he had five remaining F21GM radios in stock, so I purchased two at the same price as the DTC. If you are looking for a GM or for that matter a DTC, you should consider giving them a call at 520-792-0326.