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The Farkle Transformation - More wireless, less wires!

Making the decision to go wireless with Bluetooth technology on the GS forced the simplification of all that wiring I'd been hiding under the seat for all these years. Yeah!

Before the carnage!

See what I mean? Although my Anderson Powerpole-based DC power distribution would still remain, all the wiring associated with the Autocom would go. The wiring harness for the old Garmin 276C would also be replaced with the fresh one for the Zumo 665LM. This driveway exercise gave me an opportunity for some general cleanup of the remaining wiring.

Here's the relay-driven power distribution hidden away in the compartment below the Jesse top box. You can see the Autocom hidden in there, too, before its removal.

Pre Autocom removalHere's a shot of the wiring that went into the Big Mak map case. All this was connected to the XM receiver hidden away in the case. Since I opted for the Zumo 665 with the XM "puck" receiver, this wiring got removed, too.

After the cutting and pulling ended, I had quite the pile of "stuff" removed from the bike.

Also stripped from the bike with the removal of the Autocom was the interface with my handheld Icom GMRS and VHF/UHF Ham radios. I'll tackle adding radio connectivity back into the mix after we return from a couple of our trips this summer. I don't need to worry about that in the short term.

With the wiring simplified, I then bolted the Garmin-supplied Ram ball mount to the back of the Zumo mount and attached it to the bar-mounted ball I'd been using. I used a 3.5" arm instead of the Garmin-supplied 2.5" arm to get the Zumo up a little higher.

Here's a shot of the mount attached to the GS.

The Zumo wiring harness has three parts:  power, audio input/output and a connection to the XM Radio receiver. They all come out of the mount in a single bundle and then split into their three respective cables. The power portion of the cable routed under the tank, along the left side of the engine and can be seen in this picture.

The audio and XM connections from the Zumo were then routed into the Big Mak map case after the tank was bolted back in place.

With the de-wiring and re-wiring complete, the fun with Bluetooth now begins. Next up: Pairing devices and learning more about Bluetooth in general.

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