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Newest farkle project - Onboard video recording with a V.I.O. POV.1

One of my Christmas presents was this sweet POV.1 video recording system from the folks at V.I.O.

Full disclosure: I selfishly purchased this for myself from my Ebay sales windfalls. What can I say? Adding farkle is addictive and I hadn't done anything with video - yet.

Everything you think you'll need comes in this nice soft case, allowing quick deployment. The POV.1 is intended for mobile and personal use (skiing, biking, skateboarding, etc.). I intend to semi-permanently mount it on the GS.

Video files are recorded to an SD Card which can be removed from the recording unit to allow the files to be copied to your computer - or you can use the included USB cable to transfer them. I'm not sure I'll be dragging a laptop to the garage to transfer the files, but it's at least an option.

The three main components of the POV.1 include:

  • The weather-proof, rugged video recording unit with built-in LCD display and speaker
  • The wireless remote control used to start and stop recording
  • The metal encased video camera with lens cap

AA batteries and a small 1GB SD Card were included in the kit from V.I.O. I purchased mine through Adventure Designs when they were running a special that included free shipping and a 4GB SD Card.

Some initial observations:

AA battery power wasn't going to cut it when installed on the GS. Being able to power it from the bike would be necessary.

The camera mount included in the kit is probably good for some applications, but didn't seem like it would hold up to the pounding it might have to take on the GS.

The good news: Both of these issues were apparently well understood by the engineers at V.I.O. because I learned in January that a DC Power Adapter and better mounting kit were in the works. I immediately warmed up the credit card and placed my order for one of each.

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